The Word Is Out

Bob Hendren
Words & Music by Bob Hendren


What a difference between the first Easter and today.  Obviously, some people weren’t all that happy and there weren’t any chocolate eggs.


They hung my Lord on a cross

When they were sure He was dead, they took Him off

They wrapped Him up, laid Him in a cave

Used a big stone to seal the grave

They sent soldiers to guard the site

So no one could steal Him away in the night


Now none of the soldiers dared to say

What they saw on the third day

The stone was moved and The Lord wasn’t there

He’d gone away but they didn’t know where

They were afraid and they began to shout

We’re all dead if the word gets out


But the word is out, Jesus rose from the grave

There is no doubt He has the power to save

The word is out, how can you doubt that it’s true

The word is out and it’s calling you


You can try to deny it, say it’s not true

But don’t run away from what He’s offering you

He laid down His life, died on the cross

For you and me he paid an awful cost

Now there are those who will say it’s not true

But in the end it’s up to you

The word is out and it’s calling you


It’s calling you 

It’s calling you 

It’s calling you 

It’s calling you

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