Bob Hendren

Bob Hendren was an early Christian rocker but stopped performing in the late ‘70s.   Then, while recording a CD for his family in 2007, he felt God’s call to return to a public ministry.  That CD became Everyone Knows, which was released in 2009. 

As he started to perform he also began to write again prolifically.  Not wanting to do another self-produced CD playing all of the instruments he contacted Jay Koder to produce a studio album with a great group of musicians.  The result is Eternity’s song, which features 10 tracks of rock and blues that reflect Bob’s musical and spiritual journey. 

Jay Koder says “A prolific song writer, Bob has been busy crafting his music for many years and has quite a large body of work to show for it.  His lyrics convey an inspirational spiritual message, and the music will rock your soul.” 

Pastor Keith Dickerson says:  "From all outward appearances Bob looks like the proverbial "Everyman." Quiet, husband, father, hard-worker and survivor! His music however, comes flying out of the deep volcanic recesses of his heart with passion and energy. 

Roger Burke of CityTeam International says:  “Bob Hendren has been providing for our ministry over the past several years. First of all Bob is very talented musician who we and countless others have enjoyed. In the last two years Bob has consistently played beautiful Christian music at our Rescue mission for our homeless shelter clients. Additionally Bob has performed at our graduation ceremonies which take place quarterly for our men in alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Recently Bob performed at our annual fund raising benefit... I highly recommend Bob with his musical talents. He is a blessing you do not want to miss.”

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